Murder in Mariposa Beach Reader's Guide

Jun 03, 2020 by Teresa Michael, in Readers Guides

Reader’s Guide for Murder in Mariposa Beach


  1. Libby Marshall has one rule – She doesn’t date cops or lawyers. Why does she have this rule? What do you think of this rule? Is Detective Jack Seiler worth her breaking the rule?
  1. Libby put herself into self-imposed isolation by moving to Florida to recuperate from the trauma of being wounded, having a miscarriage, her husband’s incarceration, and the divorce. She starts a new life with a different name, but bits of her old life locked in a box in her closet. What is the significance of the box and its contents?
  1. Friendship is one of the themes. Libby has only been in Mariposa Beach for three years and has become very close to the people who come to the Mariposa Café. Even though she thought of Pilar as a friend, albeit a recent friend and colleague, do you think you would have stopped at Pilar’s house when you saw her car in the driveway after she stood you up?
  1. By the end of the book was Libby changed? In Chapter 20 – “Since this started she (Libby) was beginning to feel more alive. . . Her mind was sharper. She was invigorated . . . It was the adrenaline rush that she thrived on and missed.”  Do you think this situation with Pilar and meeting Jack resulted in a true transformation, or was she rediscovering parts of herself that may have been repressed after her past trauma?
  1. Libby compares her situation to Max Holden’s entry into the Witness Protection Program (pg. 272). They both need to start over with a new name in a new place. Do you agree with her comparison? Do you think Libby developed a soft spot for Max Holden?
  1. What do you think happened to the flash drive? Libby was not forthcoming and she skirted the truth when discussing the flash drive with Jack upon leaving Miami (pg. 262). Should Libby have told Jack about Mario more fully?
  1. Do you think Tony really wants Libby back? Should Libby have accepted his and Montoya’s gifts at the hotel?  Do you think Libby still loves Tony?
  1. What do you think Libby should do about the song that Max Holden gave her? Should Libby be flattered that Max Holden gave her this song? Do you think Libby over-reacted when she received the song? Do you think David should be able to record it? Do you think it’s creepy that Max Holden sent Libby this song to repay her for essentially saving his life, even though she did stab him in the leg?