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Mariposa Cafe Mystery Series Origin Stories
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In 2009, My thesis project for graduation from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, was to write three interconnected short stories. Mariposa Café and Bakery was the first. Dancing in Flippers and Butterfly Beach completed the trilogy. After I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, these characters stayed with me and, nine years later, Murder in Mariposa Beach was published. In 2020, during the pandemic self-isolation, I pulled out the old stories, revised, and updated them. I workshopped them with my wonderful, talented Indylinks Writer's Group, and now, for the first time in print, these stories are now available.
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Mariposa Cafe Mystery Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

Libby Marshall has one rule…She doesn’t date lawyers or cops.

But rules are made to be broken, right?

Welcome to the Mariposa Café Mysteries (now in a Boxed Set Format including Books 1 thru 3) where it’s all about fun Florida mysteries featuring fearless, female sleuths. Think Friends meets Miami Vice.

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Deception in Mariposa Beach - Book 3
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Welcome back to Mariposa Beach for the third book in the Mariposa Café Mystery Series, where it’s all about fun Florida mysteries featuring fearless, female sleuths.

There’s a new, big-time New York City director in town–Jerry Mann–but whether or not he’ll live to see opening night of the play he’s there to direct isn’t a guarantee. With several new crimes to solve that appear to have followed Mr. Mann to Mariposa Beach, Libby Marshall, a former prosecutor, and her super-hot detective boyfriend, Jack Seiler, will need all the help they can get from the quirky crew and patrons of the Mariposa Café.

But, this time, it’s more than a little personal for Libby. Her Aunt Julia appears to have a mysterious past with Jerry Mann, and it’s looking like a past that will have a major impact on Libby’s future.

The Mariposa Café Mysteries are Friends meets Miami Vice.
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Mistletoe and Missing Persons - Book 2 - A Novella
SKU: 9781671173996

It’s the holidays and Libby Marshall and the Mariposa Café have a new neighbor – gallery owner Steve Devereaux. But, as the Mariposa Beach shopkeepers begin decorating their stores for the holidays there’s a lot more than crystal ornaments with mistletoe to focus on. Mr. Devereaux has a skeleton in his closet… literally. Could it be the remains of a teenage girl who disappeared from the town over forty years ago?

A former prosecutor, Libby finds herself in the middle of yet another murder investigation. And no worries, she’s still involved with super-hot detective Jack Seiler. Will they be able to solve the identity of the skeleton before ringing in the new year?  With the help of their quirky, but talented friends, they just might be able to figure it out.

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Indian Rock - A Novelette
SKU: 9781074734237

What really happened on that bright summer day upon Indian Rock? Was it an accident or was it murder?

Childhood innocence is shattered for twelve-year-old Rosalie Weston when she witnesses a frightening incident at her favorite outlook in the lush Appalachian forest around the home where she lives with her mother, grandmother, and aunt.

Past and present intertwine when Rosalie and her friend, Willis, uncover family secrets that will forever impact the course of their young lives.

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Murder in Mariposa Beach - Book 1
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Libby Marshall has one rule. She doesn’t date lawyers or cops.

A former prosecutor, Libby was once married to a lawyer, which about got her killed. . . literally. Self-imposed Witness Protection provided her with a new life, a new home, and a new career as a café owner in Southwest Florida. Instead of focusing on her espresso machine and scones, however, Libby finds herself in the middle of yet another investigation and involved with super-hot detective Jack Seiler. Will Jack make her consider breaking her rule a second time, and if she does, will she live through the consequences?

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