Book Club Discussion Questions for Deception in Mariposa Beach

Nov 17, 2020 by Teresa Michael, in Readers Guides

Book Club Discussion Questions for Deception in Mariposa Beach


  1. On her birthday, Libby receives a suspicious video of Jack and another woman. At one point, she suspects who may have sent it, but because of her current circumstances, she chooses not to address it.
  • Should she have addressed it immediately with the person she suspected?
  • How do you think she should have approached the subject? Directly or with a little more discretion?
  • Do you think it bothered Jack when she didn’t immediately address the video with the suspected person? Should Jack have shared his feelings with Libby?
  • Who do you think sent the video to Libby?


  1. Jack learns that Max Holden walked away from the Witness Protection Program and then disappears into Canada.  In Murder in Mariposa Beach, Max Holden held Libby hostage, and she stabbed him in the leg during her attempted escape. Should Jack have told Libby about Holden leaving the Witness Protection Program? Do you think Libby had a right to know that the man who held her hostage was on the loose?


  1. Julia and Helen keep an important secret from Libby and David. When Jerry Mann arrives in town, the women must face their deception. Should they have kept this important information from Libby and David? 


  • Do you think that Julia should have told Jerry and not have kept this secret for 35 years?
  • David reveals to Libby that he had inadvertently figured out the secret on his own. Should he have shared his suspicions with Libby instead of keeping them to himself for more than two years?
  • What part do you think Tony played in keeping their secret? Should he have told Libby after he found more than four years ago?


  1. Ultimately this story is about mothers and daughters and family or relationship secrets and, when revealed, the impact those secrets have on the individuals involved. Have you had a similar experience with a secret? Was the secret revealed? How was the family impacted? (You don’t have to tell what the secret is.)


  1. Jerry Mann arrives in Mariposa Beach to direct the Mariposa Players in The Drowsy Chaperone at the Sunset Theater. Have you been involved in Community Theater? What is your favorite musical?



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