Book Review - Secretariat Reborn by Susan Klaus

Jun 15, 2020 by Teresa Michael, in Book Reviews

Secretariat Reborn is Orphan Black for horses. Throw in a taste of the Sopranos and Why Women Kill to get a sizzling summer read from Susan Klaus. Christian Roberts inherits two colts from his estranged, dying father, one of which is a newly cloned version of Secretariat, the greatest racehorse of all time. Christian falls into the underworld of thoroughbred racing, crooked trainers, and gangster loan sharks. And, to spice things up, even more, don’t forget the underhanded Arabian sheik and Christian’s psycho-ex-girlfriend. Secretariat Reborn is a quick summer read with adventure, romance, the excitement and beauty of horse racing, and lush Florida scenery. And then, there’s a hurricane. Klaus brings it all together to a happy conclusion. I liked Allie, a strong female character, a horse trainer with a bit of badassery on the side. Read it in the shade while sipping a cold drink. I received this book as part of an author sponsored raffle.