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Dec 30, 2020 by Teresa Michael, in Newsletters

Book News

 Audio Books – All of my books are now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. The whole audiobook experience was exciting. This is a picture of me as I listened to the audio files during the auditing and editing process.

Giveaway:    E-mail me at and include the message “I want a free audiobook”  to enter a drawing for a promo code for the free audiobook of your choice.  Drawing will occur on Sunday, January 17, 2021
Box Set – The Mariposa Mystery Series Books 1-3 are now in an e-book box set format. There are three bonus origin stories in addition to the three novels (Murder in Mariposa Beach, Mistletoe and Missing Persons, and Deception in Mariposa Beach). An origin story is a backstory that reveals how the characters became who they are in the story, whether protagonist or antagonist. It adds to the story’s overall interest and complexity and can explain the characters’ actions and intentions. In these three stories, you will learn how Libby and Mimi first met, how David ended up in Mariposa Beach, and what happened when Tony got out of prison. But beware, there are spoilers in these origin stories.  I recommend you read the novels first.

The origin stories are also available separately from the boxed set. 

What’s Going On With Me….

 Like most of you, I’ve been pretty much staying at home. I’m very happy my daughter, Becky recently moved from Denver back to Florida and lives nearby. Our Thanksgiving was very small, just Becky, my husband, Larry, and me, as well as our two cats and Becky’s two dogs. Our Christmas was equally small with the addition of my good friend, Sue. 
Becky, my friend, Sue Griffith, and I went to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Lights in Bloom. It was a beautiful evening, and their light display never ceases to amaze me. They did a great job making sure everyone was safely distanced and masked. If you are in the Sarasota area before January 2nd, get tickets for the Lights in Bloom. We topped the evening off with Java Dawg Coffee and Five-O donuts.


 What’s Next….

I’m about 22,000 words into the next Mariposa Café Mystery.  I started off calling it Hidden in Mariposa Beach, but now I’m leaning toward Redemption in Mariposa Beach.  Which do you like better? My goal is to have this completed and ready for my editor in the spring.

Here’s a short blurb:   A private investigator shows up looking for Max Holden, who, at the end of Murder in Mariposa Beach, was supposed to be in the Witness Protection Program. Charlie Winslow, the private investigator, is murdered during the Mariposa Beach Freedom Festival on July Fourth. Libby is drawn into the investigation. You never know what will happen in that little Florida beach town.

I’ve also started working on a new mystery series titled The Harrington House Mysteries, set in a bed and breakfast in an Ohio River town. A brother and sister inherit the old family mansion, and instead of selling out, they decide to open a bed and breakfast. There’s also a resident ghost.  This will be completed after the next Mariposa Café mystery.

What I’ve Been Reading…

What have you been doing during our self-isolation? I’ve spent a lot of time reading, and I’ve read 92 books this year, a record for me.  Here are a few that I recommend:

One of my favorite books of 2021 is The Weight of a Moment by Michael Bowe. Two men whose lives fall apart because of something that happened in the moment, one, journalist, through no fault of his own, one of his stories ends up with an uncover officer being murdered. The other man hits his breaking point due to family and job pressures. His rant is recorded and goes viral on social media. It’s the story of how they come together, become friends, and are able to rise above their situations and forgive themselves. Excellent story.
The most recent book I finished was Call Me Anton by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Can you find your one true love at the age of eighteen after suffering a horrific trauma? What happens if you meet her again fifteen years later?  Can you recapture that love despite the time and the age difference? Hyde writes feel-good stories. I also enjoyed Take Me With You and Brave Girl, Quiet, Girl by the same author.
I finished Karin Slaughter’s latest Will Trent book, The Silent Wife.  Then I started at the beginning with Blindsighted, the first of the Grant County series. I’m currently reading A Faint Cold Heart, the third book in the series. Karin Slaughter is one of my favorite thriller writers, and she never ceases to deliver.
Another of my favorite authors is David Baldacci – I’m currently reading The Last Mile, the second Amos Decker novel.  Amos Decker is a fascinating character with perfect memory and synesthesia where he sees things in color; for example, he sees death as a brilliant, electric blue.
I’ve been catching up on some of the old John Sandford Prey novels that I’ve missed over the years.  Recently I read Shadow Prey and Hidden Prey.
I finished two more of Elaine Viets Dead End Job Mysteries – Murder Unleashed set in a pet store/dog grooming store and Just Murdered where the mother of the bride gets murdered at the wedding.  Both are lots of fun and quick, easy reads.
 What were your favorite books this year?


That’s a Wrap….

 That’s it for the holiday edition of my newsletter.  I wish you all the happiest of holidays and all the best in the New Year. I try not to dwell on what I’ve missed like live theater, the cinema, casual lunches with friends, and vacations. I’m looking forward to the New Year and a hopeful return to some normality. And I am eternally grateful for each of you and all your support for me and my books in this crazy publishing journey. Thank you. I hope to see you in person in 2021.
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